Freight service


Limited Liability Company "Promhim" carries out transportation of liquid chemical products with employment of its private rolling stock - railway tank cars (cisterns) and tank - containers. The technical parameters of tank cars (cisterns) and tank-containers are given on the "Carriages" page.

The transportability of a particular cargo is determined by its physical and chemical properties and their compliance with the available rolling stock.

Being a multimodal means of transport tank containers make it possible to deliver liquid chemical goods by road, sea and river.

Own rolling stock!

Here are the examples of the goods that available for transportation:
1. Sodium hydroxide, (Caustic soda) GOST 2273-79, GOST 11078-78, TS-034-46696320-2006;
2. Sulphuric acid technical grade GOST 2184-77;
3. Sulphuric acid battery grade GOST 667-73;
4. Hydrochloric acid GOST 857-95;
5. Weak nitric acid GOST R 53789-2010;
6. Sodium chlorate Technical grade GOST 12257-93
7. Alkyl benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA);
8. Ammonia liquid technical grade GOST 9-92;
9. Distilled tall oil (DTO);
10. Tall oil fatty acids (TOFA);
11. Turpentine;
12. Trichloroethylene;
And others.